Brittney is an Internet friend and fellow SBL member I have had the honor and pleasure of meeting in person, though it has been much too long since I've seen her.

Brittney is an aspiring and talented writer and a multi-talented young woman. Some time ago, she even appeared in SBL member Kimberly James' wonderful student video promoting the barefoot lifestyle.

A few years ago, this beautiful lady was the perfect example of the barefoot Southern lifestyle. Her looks are beautiful and delicate, but her feet can handle any terrain. In fact, Brittney tells us that her favorite barefoot-walking surface is hot asphalt (blacktop). And we mean HOT--Tennessee in summer and "in the 100 to 140 degree Fahrenheit range." She must have asbestos soles!! The pictures below show without a doubt that bare feet are the perfect complement to any outfit, dressy or casual.

Barefoot Brittney Dressy

Barefoot and Ready for an elegant dinner and dancing.

(No shoes required--just a lovely red dress and painted toes to match).

Barefoot Brittney Casual

Barefoot on a Hike up a Waterfall.

(Bare Feet and Jeans handle the job quite well--no boots needed here!)

Barefoot Brittney Today


UPDATE 2/27/07: Other life events took precedence and Brittney got away from barefooting for awhile. However, I'm happy to report that Brittney is doing well and expanding her barefooting once again, reconditioning her once well-conditioned soles to once again tread carefree on the hottest of ground.