The Barefoot Book NEWS FLASH

The Barefoot Book is Here!

The Barefoot Book is here! Have you seen it? This amazing new book by anatomy professor Daniel Howell explores how "chronic shoe wearing is negatively affecting our health and especially the health of our feet." In the book, Professor Howell concludes, "If shoes are causing such problems, the solution is obvious: take them off. (Or at least, take them off more often.)" In addition, "to help readers on the journey to a more barefoot lifestyle, Howell dispels some of the myths about going barefoot." Professor Howell is currently traveling around the country on tour promoting his new book (and gathering lots of good press and barefoot converts along the way).

Please visit the website, check it out and pick up a copy....available online and in bookstores everywhere. Don't be afraid to show up (barefoot) at a book signing event if Professor Howell is in your neck of the woods.

Dr. Howell and I outside the Educational AllianceWith Dr. Howell and the Sign for The Barefoot Book SigningDr. HowellWaiting for the Train Home After a Day in NYC

NEW! Hanging with Dr. Howell at the Barefoot Book Signing (NYC, Lower East Side, 07/26/2010)


The press continues....I did a segment for Assignment America with Steve Hartman on the CBS Evening News that aired 5/30/08. I again got to promote the virtues of barefoot living. Find the story here: Assignment America or look to the right for the video.

NPR 4/2/08 : I had the unique opportunity (04/2/2008) to do a 10 minute phone interview with a radio show on NPR called The Bryant Park Project promoting Barefoot Living. I think I did an OK job given the early hour (7:30 am). You can read more...and hear the full audio...on their website: Barefoot Guy Swears Off Shoes Forever (their title, not mine).

Canadian Radio 4/14/08: I also did a 19 minute interview with the Peter Anthony Holder Radio Show in Montreal, Canada (CJAD 800 AM).


The events below went a bit beyond our "standard" barefoot hike outing. Read on to see why...

Barefoot Hikers at Tyler Park with Barefoot Sister Susan Letcher


Barefoot Sister Hike @ Tyler Park

Our first hike of 2007 featured "all-star" barefooter Susan Letcher, also known as jackrabbit of the famous Appalachian Trail Barefoot Sisters, well-known for hiking the AT from Maine to Georgia and back. Susan joined us for our hike at Tyler Park and signed copies of her book, too. Four other barefoot hikers joined Susan and I for this wonderful, fun barefoot hike in perfect weather. Read more and see pictures....

No Bull-Barefoot in NYC Bare Soles in the Big Apple

5 pair of bare soles brave the dirty streets and subways of New York City with a Good Morning America camera crew filming us for "the Big Show." Thanks to everyone.....Rebecca, Spencer, Kathy and Liz...and our great GMA crew--Max, Adam, and Dave.

Click here for pictures from the trip!


Barefoot JessieDelaware News Journal "Two Feet Closer" Hike

Special Thanks everyone who made the 10/23/99 hike at Ridley Creek State Park a big success and a great time, especially Bill, Christian, Pat, Gary, Tom, and Jessie (at left, our youngest barefoot hiker at age 6)!!

Check us out in the 10/31/99 Wilmington (DE) News Journal article by Gary Soulsman entitled "Two Feet Closer to Mother Earth" (if you can find it). Read more and see pictures...


Jefferson MemorialFree Feet in DC

9 barefooters toured the center of freedom, our nation's capital, Washington, DC, with free and liberated feet, expressing that constitutionally protected right to bare feet. :-) Read more and see pictures....



Appalachian Trail Barefoot Backpacking Challenge

Marian and Chris Enjoy the SceneryDon and Marian Rest their Bare FeetMembers of the Barefoot Hikers of PA, Society for Barefoot Living, and other barefoot hiking groups spent a week hiking a portion of the famous Appalachian Trail in July 1998. With 30+ lb. backpacks and steep terrain, this extended barefoot hike was indeed a challenge, but our bare feet lived up to the challenge, handling the often-rough terrain admirably, as have the feet of other barefoot AT hikers. Read more and see pictures....