Sterling Silver Barefoot Pendant with Alexandrite StoneSterling Silver Barefoot Pendant with Onyx StoneBarefoot Jewelry

A good friend of mine--and fellow barefooter (who hasn't worn shoes at all in about 3 years)--recently located some lovely sterling silver barefoot-design pendants with a gemstone. She shared with me and I want to share with you. I have a limited quantity available, but will sell them for $20 shipped (USA only). The pendant is sterling silver (stamped 925). The foot itself is 1" tall, plus the loop and bale for 1-1/2" total length. A scalloped design is etched into the foot. The blue gemstone is alexandrite and the black is black star. Click on either picture for an enlarged view.

Blue Stone Pendant-- SALE $15 (Pay with Paypal or Credit Card--via my wife's Paypal account)

Black Stone Pendant -- sale $15 (Pay with Paypal or Credit Card--via my wife's Paypal account)

Barefoot Bling: Home of High-Spirited Indulgences for Toes That Show! Get Boutique Quality Toe Rings, Anklets, Barefoot Sandals, and More! Amy, the owner of this site, is a "nearly barefooter," barefoot at home and flip-flopped most other places. We hope she'll take the full-timer plunge, but in the meanwhile, she has great merchandise for those of us who already are, including toe rings, anklets, and barefoot sandals. Check out flat toe rings to fit smoothly and full-round toe rings to avoid the pinch of open varieties.

Clothes for Barefooters

Find Your Balance-Go Barefoot by Barefoot MoeBarefoot Planet The Barefoot Planet: SBL Member and Canadian artist "Barefoot Moe" runs this CafePress store featuring his unique barefoot-themed artwork. The Barefoot Planet Store features 6 collections with different barefoot designs and slogans, from the "Barefoot Planet" ones to "Bare Feet Rule" and the very cute "Advanced Beings Go Barefoot" alien design. Each design can be purchased on a wide variety of apparel--shirts, hats, etc. --and other items from buttons to mugs. I'd love to say more, but I don't want to steal Barefoot Moe's stuff and the site deserves a look-see. The designs are a stylish must-have for any barefooter (and make great gifts if anyone wants to buy me something--hint, hint.)


Sea Meets Sole by Barefoot Cheri Barefoot Cheri's Sole Expression: A new CafePress store with merchandise celebrating "the language of bare feet." Cheri was a barefoot child who has rediscovered the joys of a barefoot lifestyle with her daughters. Her unique designs celebrate bare feet as "earthy, soulful, free, sexy, vulnerable, playful, sensitive, humorous, and natural" with slogans like "Got Feet?", "Explore the Sole of Nature," "Sea Meets Sole," "Wild Thing," and many more. Check them out today!


Barefoot Sandals

$600!! Barefoot SandalsA few of the many sites selling Barefoot Sandals. Barefoot Sandals add a nice decorative and even classy touch to bare feet for formal occasions or can serve to help evade the dreaded "shoe police." Check out the following sites (guaranteed more affordable than those at left):

NEW! Toe Thongs by Darlene: I met these folks at the Rakkasah bellydance festival. They offer unique foot thongs crocheted from sparkly, elastic fabric in silver or gold with many choices of colorful beads. They really are stylish enough to wear anywhere. They also make "magic bands"--a similar item that is available as a belly bracelet, anklet, choker, or bracelet. As their site says, "Why Should Your Butt get all the Attention?" Indeed!

The Barefoot Boutique: A great site with an amazing selection of barefoot sandal styles-crocheted, beaded, sterling silver, bells, shells, men's and children's styles. Perfect for weddings, bellydancing, poolside, and more. For you full-time barefooters out there, Tina the designer (a serious barefooter herself) reports that her designs get her past the shoe police in most daily situations, grocery store, etc., and the fancy styles even work at fancy restuarants and formal weddings.

Chainmail & More Barefoot Sandals: We've seen barefoot sandals in beads, hemp, leather, and crochet, but this store has a unique design with a more medieval look. They have a variety of styles constructed of linked chain (chain mail), also anklets and other foot jewelry.

Hemp Jewelry Shop: All natural hemp-made barefoot sandals with India Bells and Wood Beads. These are great, inexpensive, all-natural barefoot sandals. The site has a lot of other great merchandise made with hemp and perfect for barefoot hippies everywhere.

Jewels by Michele: Beautiful barefoot sandals available in the colors of the rainbow- perfect for your barefoot lifestyle! Michele caters primarily to barefoot beach brides, but she "grew up in the country" and has a long history of barefooting herself. Her designs are perfect for the lifestyle barefooter who wants to be "in style."

Divine Designz Foot Jewelry

Divine Designz Jewelry: A great source for hand-made barefoot sandals, made with crystals with glass beads, indian beads, metal beads & a stretchy beading thread. This store is based in the barefoot-friendly land of Australia.

LadyBead.com: Rose makes a wonderful variety of fashionable, high-quality beaded barefoot sandals in hematite, pearl, and other crystals. Very nice online shopping site and a wide variety of styles available.

Hawaiian Sno-Shoes: Designed by Susan St. Louis-Keane, a close friend of Barefoot Hiker author Richard Frazine.

Etsy.com: Etsy is the Amazon/eBay of the craft world and you can always find some great barefoot sandal designs searching the site. Here are some favorites of mine from crafters with the barefooter mindset....