TRIP REPORT: New York City, July, 2000


Barefoot in New York City--No BullLOCATION: The Big Apple, New York City, NY, USA--Manhattan

TIME: All day

CONDITIONS: Warm and sunny, Temps in the 80s F

PARTICIPANTS: Spencer Holman, Rebecca Linke, Liz Reach, Kathy Reach, Christopher Roat

NOTE: This trip was organized after the DSS (now Society for Barefoot Living) was featured in the New York Times. ABC's Good Morning America wanted to do a short feature on barefooters, so we obliged and let a camera crew follow us for the day. Special thanks to our team of TV folks: Max Culhane (producer, interviewer), Adam Shanker and David Torres (the"crew")

We appeared on Good Morning America on August 01, 2000!!




Barefooters Pose Near a Fountain in NYC

Here we are......but missing the "sole" of our celebrity.

Barefoot Hikers in NYC with Good Morning America Crew

The TV Crew (Those silly shoe-wearing types stick out, don't they?)
(Shoe-wearers L to R: Max Culhane, Adam Shanker, David Torres)

Barefoot on the Subway Platform

Waiting for the on the platform.

Barefoot in Greenwich Village

Walking in the Village............shoe-free! (Something you actually saw there regularly years ago!)

Barefoot On Broadway--What Lies Beneath!

Barefoot on Broadway...Playful Becca shows us "what lies beneath" after a day of barefooting in the Big Apple.

NASDAQ Bulding on Times Square

On Times Square.....

Barefoot Becca Waits for a Train

Where ya heading?

Barefoot Hikers Visit Times Square

The ABC Studio on Times Square

Look Like Fun? Join Us....